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The Sultzer Law Group P.C. is here to help if you or someone you love has been severely burned in an accident caused by another’s negligence, carelessness, or wrongdoing. We are a team of seasoned litigators who have an impressive track record of results in cases from coast to coast. This breadth of experience gives us an edge in every personal injury action we handle, and we are prepared to give you every advantage we can.

Our New York burn injury attorneys can take on cases involving:

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Burn Injuries: Treatment & Complications

Burns can be caused by chemicals, heat, electricity, radiation, fires, hot liquids, or even sun exposure. They vary in severity from first degree to third degree, with third-degree burns being the most damaging. Burns are extremely painful and may require extensive treatment to restore form and function to the affected area. Some burns can be so severe that they damage underlying tissue, even muscles, nerves, and bones.

Burns can also cause serious complications, including:

  • Infection
  • Fluid loss
  • Extremely low body temperature
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Bone and joint problems in affected areas

Building a Burn Injury Case

The process of filing a burn injury claim will depend on the cause of your injury and the other details of your individual case. Burns can result from a variety of different incidents — a case will proceed differently depending on if the harm was caused by a car accident, work accident, or defective product, for example. Our legal team can help you identify who is liable for your injuries, detail the damages you are entitled to, and represent you throughout your case.

What is the Fire Code in New York?

Every region has its own set of laws pertaining to fire, but New York City has a specific fire code with additional restrictions for its residents. The New York City Fire Code was last updated in 2014 and it applies to all people and places in the city.

Some of the areas of regulations this code establishes includes:

  • Method of reporting

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Prevention of fires

  • Transportation of combustible materials

  • Conduct of various businesses

These restrictions, along with others throughout cities in New York, will be what our attorneys will use to help build your case. If you or a loved one has fallen victim to a burn injury due to another’s negligence, there are methods of defense that we can discuss during your consultation with our firm.

How to Respond to a Burn Injury

Burn injuries must be treated promptly to prevent further damage to the skin. Immediate, at-home treatment may include pain medication and burn creams. For more severe burns, injury victims may require surgery, medication, or the use of medical devices. Burn injuries can damage organs or result in infections, in which case a victim would require further, specialized treatment. Seek medical assistance as soon as possible if you or a loved one has sustained a burn injury.

Burn Injuries: Degrees of Severity

There are four degrees of burn severity. Burns can cause skin cell damage, and typical symptoms include pain, swelling, inflammation, and itching. As the severity of burns increases, there is greater damage to the skin and symptoms progress.

The levels of burn severity are:

  • First-degree burns are the least severe level of burn injury — the area may appear red, slightly swollen, and inflamed, but with no significant damage to the skin.
  • Second-degree burns will appear blistered as the injury affects several layers of skin.
  • Third-degree burns impact each layer of skin and can cause nerve damage in some cases. Skin that has been affected by a third-degree burn may appear thick, leathery, and discolored.
  • Fourth-degree burns are burn injuries that impact the muscles and bones as well as each layer of skin.

Damages and Compensation for a Burn Injury

Our burn injury attorneys in New York are dedicated to helping victims recover compensation for the financial and non-economic damages that can result from a burn injury.

Following a burn injury, a victim and their family will be responsible for paying medical bills and all of the peripheral expenses that can result from an injury. Travel costs and expenses caused by lost wages are some examples of additional financial damages.

It is common for burn injury victims to sustain non-economic damages as well. The emotional impact of a birth injury can result in anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If a burn victim’s injuries leave them unable to work or participate in other activities, they may experience feelings of loss of purpose, loss of enjoyment of life, relationship strain, and pain and suffering.

What is the Statute of Limitations in Burn Injury Cases?

Burn injury cases are subjected to the statute of limitations for personal injury claims. In the state of New York, the general statute of limitations is three years following an accident.

A different statute of limitations may apply to a burn injury case depending on the cause of the injury. For example, a case involving a burn injury that was caused by a car accident, or a defective product, would be subject to the terms of those specific legal areas.

Experienced Burn Injury Counsel in New York

Due to their severity, burns must be treated immediately. They may require skin grafting and plastic or reconstructive surgery. A victim may experience lasting psychological trauma from the appearance of his or her burns, long after they heal.

Recovering complete compensation for all medical care, lost earnings, and emotional trauma will be our primary goal in handling a burn injury claim. Trial-tested and highly experienced, our New York burn injury lawyers have what it takes to competently handle such cases. We’re standing by to see how we can assist you.

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